Plugged In

When I was an Engineer in my 20’s, I was the Project Manager for the Power Substations that supplied both the Midland Metro (Birmingham) and Manchester Metro Tram systems.  My company supplied and installed all the equipment needed to provide the 750 volt DC power for the trams.  You can’t run a modern tram off batteries – you have to use the right converting equipment onto the power grid and they have to stay connected all the time.midland metro

We celebrate Pentecost, when the power of the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and they were transformed and energised to go out and spread the good news of the Jesus Christ to the world.  The apostle Peter was given the boldness to go out into the centre of the city and speak out about how much God wanted to bring His love and blessings to the whole world irrespective of background, and that day 3000 people were added to the believers.

The Holy Spirit is available to all believers…

For us to do the work of Christ and bring the His love to the world we need to be plugged into His power.  We do this in prayer, by turning to Him, by being connected and engaged as we come to church, listen, share, sing, and grow together with others.

As we travel out into the community taking this good news with us, He provides all the power we need.


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